LUCIFER’s VORTEX / Back lit thermo-sublimation silk-print / dimmable LEDs on aluminium framing / 176 x 265 x 9 cm / Llimited Design-Edition of 3


Entre Chien et Loup / Two Soundtracks 90 sec. each

In times of uncertainty Tom Fecht invited the musician Hubert Neidhart and the duo Transhuman Art Critics for a collaborative experiment to expand the luminous momentum of this work into a photo-acoustic installation.

Both soundtracks seem to reflect the accelerating uncertainty of our times as much as they mirror the unique circumstances in which the violence of this marine vortex has been photographed on the wild Atlantic coast in Brittany, France. The phenomenon was furtively captured at dawn “entre chien et loup”, a magic twilight moment when the first blue rays of daylight intersect with the remaining reflections of the full moon. Performed on the turbulent surface of the sea, nature’s romantic rendezvous remains invisible to the naked eye. Lasting just 90 seconds, the sublime traces can only be captured by a camera.

• HUBERT NEIDHART is a composer, musician and graphic designer based in Basel, Switzerland.
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• TRANSHUMAN ART CRITICS is an audio-visual performance duo co-founded by Emma Nilsson and former Kraftwerk musician Emil Schult.
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